Emily & Virginia:

A Novel

Robert McDowell

"McDowell had already experienced visitations—some might call them hauntings— from Emily Dickinson and Virginia Woolf. The two women, dead 20 and 75 years in 1961, sat on his bed and talked to him and to each other. Because he loved them, the child did not think this strange. He was already a believer in Familiars and soon his two Authors showed up everywhere—in his secret thicket cave on the grounds of the Ramona Convent (where he read some of Virginia’s novels and Emily’s poems for the first time), at Marguerita Elementary School and Alhambra High, at sporting events (Virginia more than Emily), stores and libraries. Virginia never showed up at dental appointments because she’d had too many teeth pulled and Emily avoided eye exams. Both could become irritated when the author’s mother took him in tow to shop for clothes, but both loved recitations, sing-alongs and romps in the woods.


The visits between worlds have gone on throughout the author’s life, but they took on a different focus in 2014. Gradually, McDowell realized that his Authors were instructing him and encouraging him to write a novel—this novel—about them teaming up and intervening in the life of a conflicted young woman."

*RELEASE 8/21*

Sweet Wolf:

Selected & New Poems

Robert McDowell

“Rare, then, is the contemporary poet who gives privilege to narrative as the engine inside the poem. Rarer still is the poet who masters both the art of deep, complex narrative and moments of mystical musicality where in truths feel just beneath the illusion of sense. It’s for this reason the greatest joy in seeing the best of Robert McDowell’s poetic career distilled between the pages of Sweet Wolf is witnessing the massive swaths of ground McDowell covered between the poles of lyric and narrative. Throughout Sweet Wolf, we see his prowess on the level of the individual poem as well as within the selections from each collection represented.”

--Chad Abushanab, from his Introduction:

Someplace Between Story and Song

*RELEASE 8/29*


Karen Poppy

Karen Poppy’s poems in Every Possible Thing pushes the envelope between Here and Somewhere Else where we may or may not be going soon. Philosophically intelligent, metaphorically magical, Poppy surprises with unexpected explorations and surprising breakthroughs. Along the way, she earns our trust and we double back to re-read poems while getting to the end and wanting more. Karen Poppy is a poet to watch and savor.

"In Every Possible Thing, Karen Poppy’s imagery soars and her unique vision leads us into a world of literary allusions, of life’s glory, of the earth, of water and waves, of suicide and the harshness of life and death. Exquisitely written, with attention to the smallest detail, to the vastness of mythology, these elegant poems compel the reader to turn the page in order to be richly rewarded by these tender pieces. Haunting, bewitching, evocative, her poems are often other-worldly." 

- Virginia Chase Sutton


Shai Har-El

Riding the Waves of Bliss: Seasons of Life Poems is the crowning achievement of Israeli/Chicago poet Shai Har-El. These lyrics combine to create the story of a life lived internationally, spiritually, passionately and well. Har-el’s poems are inspiring to readers of any age and they transcend geographical borders.

"With age comes better knowledge and a wider experience

of life. This comes up through my poems. Walking you

through the seasons of my life, they start with a deep yearning

and longing to the beginning, growing up in Israel; they

continue through the experience of my multi-faceted love for

and intimacy with my beloved wife Rosie of blessed memory,

the central figure in my life over 50 years; they shift to my preoccupation

with the questions of oneness and harmony in the

world; they go through the period of my spiritual awakening

and illumination; and they finally end where life in this

World concludes, in death and grieving."

- Dr. Shai Har-El


By Carol Aronoff

This is Carol Alena Aronoff’s seventh book of poems and it could not possibly arrive at a better time. As people around the world seek to discover the new normal, the poems here open windows and doors into meditation and the lasting beauty of the natural world. 

As the poet Robert McDowell writes in the Foreword, “The Gift of Not Finding: Poems for Meditation by Carol Alena Aronoff embodies stillness. Perhaps this is the secret goal of all poetry when it is most fit in consciousness and memory. For what does one desire more than peace and the absence of worry and speculation it brings? Poetry that achieves and evokes stillness—dare I say ‘perfect’ stillness—is a gift that allows one to breathe deeply and be love.”

Bonnie Rose Marcus, The Luminosity


Dennis Sampson

Selected Poems by Dennis Sampson includes the best work from the poet's seven extant volumes of poetry.  Sampson's first book, The Double Genesis, was published in 1986 by Story Line Press. Sampson's poems embody the spirit of a solitary tree, the natural world, and the intimate spaces both within and between people. 

"In an era of handsomely written books of poetry largely about their own skill with language, it's more than breathtaking to encounter a poet who writes for the most basic reason: because he has to."

- Philip Levine


Alissa Lukara

Nikkie, a twenty-two-year-old dancer performing at the Hollywood Bowl, is about to become a star. Instead, at the height of her performance, she is sent reeling by the vision of a girl and her parents being shot in a forest in 1940s Latvia. Knowing she will not be able to dance again until she solves the mystery of the vision, she goes on a quest to Latvia, the land of their ancestors, to uncover the secrets hidden in the trees of her vision and to find the father they’ve never met.

The novel is set in 2003, thirteen years after a nonviolent Singing Revolution freed Latvia from fifty years of Soviet rule. The world-famous Latvian Song and Dance Festival, the country’s cultural masterpiece, is about to take place.

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